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Investment coins of Russian Federation

Investment coins of Bank of Russia

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We offer our customers to buy investment gold coins, investment silver coins and commemorative coins of the Bank of Russia. All coins we offer are of the highest quality.
Catalogue of commemorative and investment coins of the Bank of Russia
Our catalogue contains investment gold coins, investment silver coins, and commemorative coins of 2015 year also!


Prices on gold and silver investment coins can be changed during the day according to exchange trades in precious metals as well as by the influence of currency rate of RUB against USD.


Commercial Bank "RIAL-CREDIT" (Ltd) also can buy your gold or silver coins at the best price!


Commercial Bank "RIAL-CREDIT" (Ltd) offers a wide range of investment and commemorative coins of Russia to the customers. You can get the most detailed description of an each product to choose the most attractive one by using our catalogue. Viewing our catalogue you may find gold and silver investment coins, and also a symbolic and commemorative coins of the latest release of 2014 and 2015 years.


Commercial Bank "RIAL-CREDIT" (Ltd) guarantees originality and true value of every product listed in our catalogue. Nowadays investment coins by the prices we offer is the best way to protect your savings or to invest any free funds!