M.A. Vrubel

M.A. Vrubel

M.A. Vrubel

Series: Russia's Contribution to World Culture

Catalogue Number: 5318-0007

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Date of issue: 17.11.1994
Denomination: 150 rubles
Currency: ruble
Metal, finenes: platinum, 999/1000
Total weight, G: 15.55
Diameter, mm: 28,6 (-0,25)
Thickness, mm: 1,50 (0,20)
Mintage, pcs: 3000
Proof: Proof

The obverse: the two-headed eagle (designed by I.Bilibin), the letters under it indicate the metal sign, the fineness, the mint trademark and the fine metal content. The inscriptions along the rim: at the top 150 1994 . (150 RUBLES 1994), at the bottom Ȼ (BANK OF RUSSIA).

The reverse: to the left - a self-portrait of Mikhail Vrubel, under it - a palette with brushes, to the right - a fragment of Vrubel's painting "The Demon" (seated), the inscriptions along the rim: at the top " " (RUSSIA AND WORLD CULTURE), at the bottom - ". " (M. VRUBEL).

The artist: A.V. Baklanov
The sculptor: A.A. Dolgopolova
Leningrad Mint ()
The edge: 240 corrugations

Mikhail Andreyevich Vrubel (March 17 (5), 1856-April 14 (1), 1910) - a Russian painter whose work ("The Demon", "Lilac", "Pan") are noted for the dramatic intensity of colour and "crystalline" lucidity. Vrubel also worked for the theatre, fresco-painted the St. Cyril's Church in Kiev (1884-1889), illustrated Mikhail Lermontov's poem "The Demon" and created some modernistic objects d'art (the studies "An Egyptian Woman" and "Mizgir" for a majolica sculpture).