275th Anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences

275th Anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences

275th Anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Catalogue Number: 5111-0074

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Date of issue: 09.06.1999
Denomination: 3 rubles
Currency: ruble
Metal, finenes: silver, 900/1000
Total weight, G: 31.10
Diameter, mm: 39,00 (0,30)
Thickness, mm: 3,30 (0,35)
Mintage, pcs: 3000
Proof: Proof

The obverse: in the center the Emblem of the Bank of Russia (the two headed eagle designed by I.Bilibin, lower the semicircular inscription Ȼ (BANK OF RUSSIA) framed by a circle of dots and inscriptions along the rim: at the top ߻ (THREE RUBLES), at the bottom 1999, the letters to the left indicate the metal sign and the fineness, to the right the fine metal content and the mint trade mark.

The reverse: the picture of Minerva, the Goddes of wisdom and patroness of sciences, crafts, arts and peaceful labour. To the right an opened book on which pages at the top to the left profiles of Peter the Great, the founder of the Academy of Sciences, and of scientists with inscriptions in two lines under them: Ϩ I » (PETER THE GREAT EILER LOMONOSSOV), at the bottom to the right the buildings of the Academy of Sciences,above the book the two headed eagle with the crown.The inscriptions at the top along the rim: ʻ. (THE RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES), the inscription at the bottom in two lines: 1724 ӻ (FOUNDED IN 1724).

The artist: A.V.Baklanov
The sculptor: I.S.Komshilov
Moscow Mint ()
The edge: 300 corrugations

The Russian Academy of Sciences, founded in 1724 by Peter the Great in Saint Petersburg is the biggest Russian and world science center. The Full Members of the Academy of Sciences were M.V.Lomonosov, L.Eiler, V.Y.Struve, S.M.Soloviev, I.P.Pavlov, V.V.Vernadsky, N.N.Semyonov, A.D.Sakharov. Foreign Honorary Members of the Academy were Voltaire, D.Diderot, E.Kant, J.W.Goethe, Ch.Darwin, B.Pascal, M.Plank. The Academy of Science was first accommodated in the house of Shafirov, fellow campaigner of Peter the Great, on the Petersburg Side Street. In 1783-1789, on the University Embankment, the new building for the Academy in the style of the mature Classicism had been erected (architect G.Quarenghi). Since 1934 the Presidium of the Academy has been quartered in Moscow. Today the Russian Academy of Sciences amalgamates 18 sectoral and 3 regional sections in Siberia, Ural and Far East, about 300 scientific institutions, more than 200 scientific councils, scientific research fleet.