850 th Anniversary of Moscow

850 th Anniversary of Moscow

850 th Anniversary of Moscow

Series: 850 th Anniversary of The Foundation of Moscow

Catalogue Number: 5109-0017

Sell price:1 700 rub. Buy price: Call us!
Date of issue: 02.07.1997
Denomination: 1 ruble
Currency: ruble
Metal, finenes: silver, 925/1000
Total weight, G: 7.78
Diameter, mm: 25,00(±0,20)
Thickness, mm: 2,20(±0,20)
Mintage, pcs: 3000
Proof: Proof

The obverse: the two-headed eagle designed by artist I. Bilibin. The inscriptions along the rim: at the top — «ОДИН РУБЛЬ 1997 г.» (ONE RUBLE 1997), at the bottom — «БАНК РОССИИ» (BANK OF RUSSIA). The letters below indicate the metal sign, the fineness, the fine metal content and the mint trademark.

The reverse: the picture of the main building of Moscow State University. Below - the inscription "МОСКВА" (MOSCOW), to the left - the Coat of Arms of Moscow and the figure "850".

The artist: A.V. Baklanov
The sculptor: D.Y. Perepyolkin
St. Petersburg Mint (ЛМД) - 20 000 pcs
Moscow Mint (ММД) - 5 000 pcs
The edge: 200 corrugations

Moscow State University is one of the national and world research centers, founded in 1755 on the project of great Russian scientist M.V. Lomonosov. The University is named after him. The new complex of the modern University has been built in 1949 - 1970. It consists of some 30 principal buildings and more than 20 auxiliary premises. The main building, built in 1949 -1953 by architects L.V. Rudnev, S.E. Chernyshov, P.V. Abrosimov, and A. F. Khriakov, is a 32-story one.

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