The 250th Anniversary of the Birth of M.I. Kutuzov

The 250th Anniversary of the Birth of M.I. Kutuzov

The 250th Anniversary of the Birth of M.I. Kutuzov

Series: Outstanding Personalities of Russia

Catalogue Number: 5110-0010

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Date of issue: 14.09.1995
Denomination: 2 rubles
Currency: ruble
Metal, finenes: silver, 500/1000
Total weight, G: 7.78
Diameter, mm: 33,00 (0,20)
Thickness, mm: 2,40 (0,20)
Mintage, pcs: 3000
Proof: Proof

The obverse: in the center the Emblem of the Bank of Russia (the two-headed eagle designed by I.Bilibin), the letters under it indicate the metal sign, the fineness, the mint trademark and the fine metal content. The inscriptions along the rim framed by a circle of dots: at the top 1995 . (TWO RUBLES 1995), at the bottom Ȼ (BANK OF RUSSIA).

The reverse: a portrait of M.A. Kutuzov, below - a laurel branch, to the right - two dates in the lines "1745" and "1813", the inscription along the rim - "- - " (FIELD-MARSHAL-GENERAL PRINCE GOLENISHCHEV-KUTUZOV-SMOLENSKY).

Artist and sculptor: I. I. Kopytkin
Moscow Mint ()
The edge: 195 corrugations

Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov (1745-1813) - a Russian army commander, field-marshal-General. A disciple of Alexander Suvorov, he fought in the 18th-century Russian-Turkish wars. He won his spurs when he took by storm the Turkish fortress Izmail and became a national hero when as the commander-in-chief of the Russian army he fought the French army at Borodino near Moscow in 1812, and later forced Napoleon and his troops to flee and suffer heavy losses on the River Berezina.