The Far- Eastern Turtle

The Far- Eastern Turtle

The Far- Eastern Turtle

Series: Red Data Book

Catalogue Number: 5109-0066

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Date of issue: 02.10.2003
Denomination: 1 ruble
Currency: ruble
Metal, finenes: silver, 900/1000
Total weight, G: 15.55
Diameter, mm: 33,00 (±0,20)
Thickness, mm: 2,40 (±0,20)
Mintage, pcs: 3000
Proof: Proof

The obverse: in the centre - the Emblem of the Bank of Russia [the two-headed eagle with wings down, lower - the semicircular inscription - "БАНК РОССИИ" (BANK OF RUSSIA)] framed by a circle of dots and inscriptions along the rim: at the top - "ОДИН РУБЛЬ" (ONE RUBLE), at the bottom - the year of issue "2003", the letters to the left indicate the metal sign and the fineness, to the right - the fine metal content and the mint trade mark.

The reverse: the relief picture of a Far-Eastern turtle. The inscription along the rim: "ДАЛЬНЕВОСТОЧНАЯ ЧЕРЕПАХА" (THE FAR-EASTERN TURTLE).

The artist: A.S. Kunats.
The sculptor: E.V. Kramskaya.
St. Petersburg Mint (СПМД).
The edge: 252 corrugations.

The Far-Eastern turtle (Trionyx sinensis) inhabits the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Regions and is protected by the State.

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